• Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

In association with the Green Tourism Business Scheme

Sustainability and green issues are now very much mainstream, with governments, businesses and individuals all involved. Tourism, as one of the main economic drivers in the UK, has its part to play. That is where the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) comes in. We are proud to have been awarded a Gold award in Green Tourism.

This is the basis to our policy:

  • We aim to source 70% of our ingredients for the kitchen from within a 40 mile radius.
  • We have reduced the number of New World Wines on our list offering instead traditionally crafted lighted European Wines.
  • We have installed Low Energy light bulbs in all our corridors and public areas and are introducing them where possible throughout the Hotel.
  • We have introduced a strict re-cycling policy which has seen an 85% reduction in our waste that we send to landfill sites.
  • We have introduced ecologically friendly detergents and cleaning products not only for our bedrooms but also in the kitchen. Delphis eco is the only UK cleaning product supplier that is accredited by the EU Ecolab. All of its products are made from plant material, they are phosphate and chlorine free and 100% biodegradable.
  • We are working closely with The Carbon Trust with the aim of reducing our power consumption by some 25%.
  • It is our ambition to reduce our carbon emissions by some 40%, equivalent to 70 tonnes pa.
  • We will soon be bench-marking and monitoring our CO2 emissions to help us reduce them further
  • We now recycle some 95% of all our food waste.


  • All our Tea and Coffee is either accredited by Rainforest Alliance of Free Trade.
  • We adhere to the Marine Stewardship Council fish sustainability policies.
  • We are members of “simply ask” freedom foods.
  • We are members of slow food.
  • We follow the RBST [rare breeds survival trust] watchlist.
  • We use Bleu mineral water – where the derived profits go into water projects around the globe.
  • We purchase food products where ever possible locally and in season.

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